Schedule - How to Use

# Create schedule

Management of your projects is important so this section allows you to create, edit and remove schedules based on your needs.

Each Schedule can have any number of Projects in it.



  • View detailed information about your projects, test plans, execution plans vs. reality, issues and more
  • Link existing epics to track the time management
  • Create milestones and iterations between them

The first step to achieve this is to create a Schedule by hitting the "Create Schedule" button.


# View schedule

Click on the Schedule name to open detailed information in the Schedule Dashboard.




# Create report

Should you need the dashboard details to be exported, it very easy to do.

Just click on the button "Report" at the top right corner of the dashboard and you'll get a PDF file with all the details.

# Design

Once you create an epic in Projects > Design section, you can link such epic into an existing Schedule in order to be able to track its progress, owner, amount of test cases and issues.

After you link the epics, you can view them on this screen.


# Edit schedule

For a better time management JunoOne offers you features such as creating milestones and iterations between them.

It's all helpful when you can see each milestone's description, deadlines and level of importance.



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