Terms of personal data protection

1) GDPR: Why do we need you agreement

Consent of this agreement is coming from European Union ordinance which is valid from 25.5.2018 and which is in general known like GDPR (General Data Potection Regulation).


2) Purpose of collection of your personal data

Candidate registration: Informations which you give us by sending your CV. You can send us your CV through our website, social networks, job portals or other communications channels.

Create of clients database: We can obtain information if you constact us by yourselves, directly, by your phone, by e-mail o rif we contact you trough our employees. We also collect informations regarding legislative requirements.

Communication with suppliers: Informations which you give us consistent with valid legislative.

Automatic collection: Informations which we collect automatically. Automatic collection conserns to every visitor of our website.

Other resources: Informations provided from another resources. Other resource could be a person which you introduce for verify references.Or person which recomends you like a candidate, our client, third side services f.e. job portals. Other resources could be also publicly available information on the internet, social networks or in public available materials like is newpaper, list of participants of conferences or fairs and other.

We can also collect informations which candidates or other people give us for verify references Informations (include supllier`s informations) which are necessery for fullfilment of legislative measures.


3) Duration, control, updates and liquidation of your personal data

We make revision of your personal dates every year in January and the we ask you again for you agreement with treatment. In case we do not get your agreement we anonymize unconfirmed records till March that year.


4)   Who has acces to personal data?

Our priority is provide security and privacy of your personal data. Therefore we have a really strict technical and organization security measures which protect your data especially before unathorised acces or change and abuse data.


5)   Providing and sharing your personal data

Protection of your personal data is our priority. Principle of our work is supplying appropriate candidates to free positions or project. That`s why we sometimes do have to share some data.
We share personal data of our canditates just with our clients only if we have canditate`s explicit agreement. We require strict compliance of principles GDPR. We can share personal data our clients during tender and description of job offer.
We can provide data third sides which make some services for us like external provider – f.e. lawyer, auditor od accountent.
Denevy s.r.o. rezerves right to give collected personal data in case of sell or transfer the whole company or part of this company to new organization.
Obtained information trough plugins and widgets third sides on our websites are collected directly to the provider this tools and are part of principles of GDPR.
Denevy s.r.o. is not responsible for treatment of providers with this data


6)   Change of principles GDPR

Principles of GDPR could be changed sometimes. This is emphatical recommendation to regularly control of principles GDPR on our website. In case using or log in our apps or log in in our website after update of GDPR we take it like accept of agreement with GDPR included every change. The latest version you can always find on your website.


7) Contacts for comments, updates and application of rights

In case of questions or comments which concern to this GDPR or in case of application of your rights, please contact us on e-mail adress: gdprincident(at)denevy.eu od on adress: Nad Cementárnou 1163/4a, 147 00, Praha 4