Partner program

Become a partner and get posibility to sell IT Product of the year 2018 to your costumers. We introduce a unique test case managment and issue tracking tool – JunoOne. Juno enables you and your costumers realize test activities on totally new level!


Reasons to become a partner?

Marketing support – promotion of IT software isn`t a simple task but we are able to handle that.

Cloud certification – JunoOne is safe and certified service. You can be proud of yourselves that you can sell it, that`s great, right?

We live by future – we are trying to develop, improve and getting feedback form our costumers to fulfill of their requirements.

You can participate on development of JunoOne – we are able to implement requirements of our partners.

You will save money for printer – we provide you all materials you need for your costmumers. We can also save our forests together and share materials in electrial form.

We answer your calls – you don`t have to communicate with monotonous infolines, forms or e-mails. If there is a problem at you or your costumer, we are able to help you immediately.That is an advance of local suppport.

 We can get you back to school desks – just for a while. We will provide you professional training which will help you with selling Juno. Yes, the same for your costumers.


How can you get certificate of partnership and what are the levels ?

Please, fill this form and we will contact you immediately about terms for obtain certificate.