Campaign module

The campaign module focus on planning the development, testing strategy, creation of an application, etc. It consists of the 3 parts:

  • The main table
  • Campaign dashboard
  • Editing of the campaign

You can plan every small detail in the time-line and manage it. According to the functionalities of the projects and possibility to link it with the campaign you can control status of the test plans (for more information take a look on “test plan”).

The main table

In the main table you can see the list of created campaign for instance. Here you have two functions filter and settings of the table.

Here you are able to create a new campaign or you can edit or delete the rest by using the particular button.

By unrolling one of the campaign you can see other functionalities where you can manage the list of assigned test plans which can be removed or edited.

Campaign dashboard

Click on the name of the campaign. On the dashboard you can see the detail information and statistics of the chosen campaign. The page can be divided in few parts:

  • the graph which show time-line of milestones and iterations
  • statistics of plan vs reality (table and graph)
  • number of issues (table and graph)
  • table with the comments to the test plans and the campaign

For downloading the overall statistic about the campaign in pdf press the button “Report”.

The Editing of campaign

In this sub-module you can see the time-line graph of milestones and iterations. The next part of the page are tables with them.

  • Here you can rename or delete the campaign
  • Create, edit or delete milestones and iteration

Create milestone & iteration

After the creation of the campaign the possibility for creating milestones will appear. First you need to fill in the template with few required and optional boxes. The name and date are important for graph and planning the points.The required fields are highlighted with red border and they have to be fill in.

When you create minimum of two milestones the possibility of creating of the iteration will be unlocked. For creating new iteration you need to fill in all required fields. The iterations can’t be overlapping themselves and you must add start and end points for the iteration.