Homepage serves as a homepage after registration in JunoOne. Here you can see for example The most successful project or sprint. It shows the status of the sprints, that belong to the user and the number of issues that are fixed.

  • After click on Homepage you will see Dashboard.
  • Here you can see an overview of your Project, Issues, Sprint status. You can switch between individual sprints, where you can watch their status on the chart.
  • There are 3 buttons on the page: Projects, Calendar and My Issues. The functionality of these buttons is described below on the page.


  • After click on Projects you will see pop-up window with list of projects that you have created or you are part of.
  • In this window you can see the name of the projects, description and date of issue.
My Issues
  • After click on the button My Issues you will see the tab Issues, Here you can see only Issues where you are set as the solver.
  • After click on Issue it will shows us the Issue in the project.
Opening the Execute Test
  • By clicking on the number in column „number of my Scenarios“ opens the tab of Execute test of given the scenarios.
Open of the sprint test
  • Clicking on the Sprint will open the Sprint Dashboard Test.
  • There is  the status of the Sprint Test and the most recent comment. It is also possible to download report of that particular Dashboard.