Settings module 

You can change JunoOne settings in this module. The settings module is divided into two parts:

  • General settings
  • Specific settings

General settings

General settings consist of basic system information. You can also change support information in JunoOne.

There are 3 fields. The first field displays the name. The second field contains the email address, which is the main email address for the entire instance. For example: If I create an issue, I receive a confirmation e-mail (if activated). This email is sent from the main email address.

The third field shows the phone number for support.

On the right side of the page is the favicon and the JunoOne logo. There is also a function button to restore the logo to its original state (denevy logo).

Specific settings

The specific settings are divided into several submodules. Each submodule is focused on a different part of the settings.

  • Role
  • Mailer
  • LDAP
  • List of applications
  • Module
  • Environment
  • License – page with the licence key