Mailer (in Settings module)

The Mailer is second submodule in the specific settings. Functions of this page is simple. The page is divided into templates of e-mails for every language in the instance and SMTP settings (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Mailers template

The first part shows the templates of the e-mails. You can separately edit each language version of each e-mail.  The last button determine the status of the notification email (activate/deactivate).

Ex.: When we create a new user the invitation e-mail will be sent with text of the template “Creating user”. The language of the email will be select base on the user settings.

Template editing

When you need to change the syntax of the template, click on the language button. Here you can change the template for the specific language. The template can be divided into three parts. Any change in the template will be saved after clicking on the button “save”.

  • Subject of the emails.
  • Body  the text of the emails.
  • Variables – generated parts which you can use in the email (“variable” – description of the variable).

Ex.: When we create the user the information email will be sent to him/her. If we use variable $USER_NAME$ his/her name will be written in the introduction email.

SMTP server

At the bottom of the page you can see the settings of the SMTP server. The server has to be set up for sending the template´s e-mails. When the SMTP server is ready the e-mails will be automatically sent. The sender email is the email which is filled in the general settings (for more information about basic settings click “here”).

The SMTP server is set up in JunoOne server by default. To change it you need to change these settings:

  • Host
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password