Module (in Settings module)

JunoOne provide you another option how to organize your testing. Usually applications are divided into separate modules which you can list here. Then you can assign the module to particular application which you assign to any test case ( TC – for more information take a look “here”). 

Main table

The main table contains a list of all modules in the instance. Here you can see the basic functions such as edit and delete.

Create module

To add a new module click on the button “Add“. The pop-up window with the template form to add new module will show up.

Here you have to fill one mandatory field: Name. Other fields Support and Owner are optional. Fill these fields and confirm it (you cannot use the same name as a user´s name in JunoOne).

Edit & Delete module

To edit any module click on the yellow edit button. The template is similar the one for adding new module although the fields are already filled with the information. You can change any field and confirm the change by pressing the button save.

To delete it´s record click on the red button “delete“ and confirm your action.