Issue serves as a list of all defects across all projects. It shows in which project it isn´t working, who created this issue and other important information.

You can also do export thanks to which you download the list of defects on your device.

Create new Issue
  • This is possible in two ways. The first way has been already mention in Test Execution. Therefore we will describe the second one here.

  • The first step is to click on the button Create Issue, where you can see a page with boxes which needs to be filled.

  • Here you have to specify the Test Plan, Sprint, Set, Case and Step in which the error occurred, select the Priority that shows different values: Low, Medium a High, the Type of the error which can be Bug, Defect or Request.

  • Then briefly write the name of the error and under box Details you can write detailed description of the problem. You can also add an attachment, such as an image of the exact situation when an error occured.

  • In addition It is possible to fill Application list, Environment, Module. Finally you need to choose who should solve the Issue

Export Issue
  • By clicking on Export it will download a file with the extension “.csv”. When you open the file, you will see the table of the Issues that contains all the information.

View Issue
  • When you click on the View Issue button or on the name of the Issue It will display a page with all the information about the problem that has occured .

  • You are not able to edit these information although you can make a comment.  

  • You can add the comment at the bottom of the page. 
  • By clicking on Edit it shows new window where you can edit the Issue.
Edit Issue 
  • Clicking the yellow button (on the right side of the button View Issue) will display a similar page to “Show Issue” page.

  • All that is missing is comment section.

  • The main different is that here you can edit Priority, Type, Status, Title and Issue description.

  • Here you can also insert as attachment and change the solver.

Delete Issue
  • Clicking on the red button “Delete” you open new window with message if you are sure about deleting the Issue.

  • If you really want to delete issue click again on the red button “Delete”. If you click on that by accident click on the button “Close”.