Functions of the Issues module

The issues module is divided into two parts. You can see two buttons at the top of the screen: Issues and Tasks. When the Issues button is highlighted / active, you can see a list of all bugs created. In the second case (when the Tasks button is highlighted / active), you can see a table of all tasks and their statuses. You can compare this module with sub-module issues in projects (click here to view project information).

Main table – view bugs

In the main table, you can see basic functions like filter, table settings or search. Another important feature is group action (with this function you can change status, assignee or add comments). The last major feature is export, which downloads a .xlsx document to a PC with a filtered (or unfiltered) table. Use the filter, table settings, and search features to filter the list.

After clicking the export button, the .xlsx document is downloaded. When you open the downloaded document, you’ll see a list of filtered rows or columns. The document can be opened by any application for .xlsx documents.

Main table – view tasks

On the task main page, we can see the display of all created tasks for each registered user. There are the same functionalities as for bugs view (filter, table settings, search, export and group actions).

Other functionalities

Basic features include creating, editing, deleting, and showing issues or tasks. These functions are described in the Projects module (for more information on the functionalities click here).