Projects module

The most important part of JunoOne is module Projects. Majority of users primary work with this module.

On the dashboard you can see the basic table where is a list of all created projects. The basic functions are filter, settings of the table and actions. Here you can create a new project if you have permission for that. After filling all required information a new project is created.

Another new function is Archive. Click on the button archive and you will see the list of all archived projects. They can’t be opened or edited. If you wish to edit or reopen archived project you need to unarchive the project. After that you can continue where you left on. Option of archiving the project is located in sub-module “Settings of projects”.

Dividing project to smaller parts

After the opening project we can see the Dashboard with basic information and statistics. These stats are related with sub-modules

On the right side of screen you can see the box with the information about project´s permissions (for more information take a look on “Project settings”).