Functionality of module Issue

The module issues is one of the most important modules in the project. When you find any mistake in the application (using test cases) you can create the issue in this module. After that they can be fixed by the developers.

Issues are divided into groups according to:

  • Priorities (Low, Medium, High or Critical)
  • Types (Bug, Defect, Request or Task)
  • Statuses (New, Open, Reopen, Fixed, For fixed, Rejected or Closed)
  • Application 
  • Requirements

The main table

The main table include list of issues which are assigned to the specific project. Among basic functions belong:

  • Search, Filter and Setting of the table
  • Create, Show, Edit, Delete issues
  • Group action


You can use filter and create group of issues according to chosen information. The second action is setting of the table where you can choose just some columns which will be shown. After that you can export this group into .xlsx document.

Using group action you can change some information about issues such as status, solver or comments.

Create issue

If you want to log any defect, click on the button create issue. First you need to choose project and then you’ll see the template form. The window is divide into few parts by using gray lines:

  • First window shows the project which is automatically fill in with project where you create the issue.
  • After you confirm the project by pressing button choose you will see the issue form. In the first part of the form you need to fill in the information where the issue is found, it´s type and description.
  • The second part of the issue form include more detail such as:
    • Priority
    • Type
    • Assigned to
    • Application, Environment, Module 
  • The third part is focus on the connection with requirement. If you have written TC according to requirement you can link the issue with it.
  • The last part of the form contain:
    • Release´s number
    • Related issues (choose issues which are connected with created issue)
    • Heading
    • Description of issue
    • File manager – choose attachments which are connected with the issue

Show & Edit issue

By clicking on the button show pop up window will appear. Here you can change the status, solver, add description or related issues. The functionality of this window is to display the detail information about the issue.

The button edit shows similar window, although here you can change almost all information of the issue.