Project settings (in Projects module)

In this module you can change information about project or set other functionalities such as issue workflow, ticketing system etc. Between the sub-modules belong

  • General settings
  • Project roles
  • Ticketing system
  • Export
  • Settings Issue workflow
  • Archive / Delete
  • Activity settings

General Settings

In the general settings you can change the name or the description of the project.

Project Roles

To assign any user to the particular project you need to go to the submodule project roles. All other users (who don´t have project roles) don’t have permission to work with the project. If other users can see the project they can’t see the detail or other sub-modules (unless the user is „super admin“). The roles are describe in module „Roles“ and there they can be changed or add as needed (for more information take a look on „Roles“).

Ticketing System

The ticketing system is the system for reporting issues. You can synchronize JunoOne with different system for error management. You can choose from 3 possible integrations:

  • JunoOne
  • JIRA
  • OTRS

For JIRA and OTRS system you need to have some important information to login and synchronization. For more information have a look on documentation to systems.


In this sub-module you can choose from four areas of export:

  • Test Plan
  • Test Analysis
  • Test Execution
  • Issues

The export can be adjust according to what you need. By choosing specific information and/or ticking check-boxes the export table will be filtrated by that.

Issue workflow

This submodule is one of the most important function in the settings. The user have permission for work with the project but he can’t change the status of the issue (for more information about issue take a look here). Here you can create your own issue workflow where you can set the user´s permission for changing the status from current to planned.

There is also option to export the issue workflow into .xlsx document and import it into another project.

Template for issue workflow

To import the issue workflow into the project you need to use .xlsx document (you can download the template here). If the there is already status with the same role, the new data will not be added.

Archive & Delete project

Another feature is archiving of the project. If the project is stopped or finished you can archive the project and if needed you can continue with it in the future. When the project is archived it can’t be opened or edited although it can be dearchived.

The deletion is permanent lost of all data in the project (test cases, test plans, issue workflows…).