Test Analysis (in Projects module)

Test analysis has a great potential. When you create project where testing is essential, its necessary to know the basic of the testing and test analysis. Because test analysis is important part of the testing we created separate sub-module – Test Analysis.
Here are some useful features. Most of those features you have already used (in Campaign module). Among the basic features belong Search, Filter, Settings of the table and Edit. Other less used functions include for example Add TC (test case) into Test Set, shortcut for approving TCcopy into the storage and the last one which you can see if you unpack test set – the clone.

Test set 

For better organization you are able to arrange test cases into test sets. For us the test set represent group of test cases relate with each other. After that, when you’ll create test plan, the work with group of test cases in test sets is easier and faster.

Test Case

The form for creating the test case is more complex. Here you can describe many useful and important information.

  • The first mandatory fields are test set and name – here you choose particular test sets from dropdown list.
  • Next you need to fill in description which should be describe in detail step by step using short sentences. In result you should set up goal of the TC (test case).
  • Field for test data is used for examples of data which should be used in testing.
  • For priority you can set its importance as Low, Medium or High. Additionally you can use tag or version.
  • Newly created TC should be approved by authorized user to make sure that it complies with all requirements.
  • Some TC need to be used just in some parts of the testing. For this cases, you can fill in additional fields for Applications, Environment and Module.
  • Next four fields (Folder, Master requirement, Child requirement, Version of requirement) are used in case you need to connect TC with assigned requirement. (for more information about connection with requirements have a look here)
  • Next field file manager is used for adding and editing files (for more information click here).
  • Last two fields belong to precondition and expected result. Here you need to specify each step of TC in details.

Bulk Test Case

This function is used for creating same TC faster and in the group. You can choose one test set (or create new one) in which you create many TC with selected name and same test steps. All other information are empty (you are able to fill them). This functionality is useful when the user needs to create TC for quantity testing.

Export & Import

Other very handy functions are Export and Import. These two functions are useful for saving TC or importing already written TC. This functions work with “xlsx“ document type. For import you have to used “ .xlsx“ document from specific template (for downloading the template click here).

Bulk push and deletion

If you need to copy or delete more TC at the same time use function bulk push or bulk deletion. You can choose all TC in the specific test set or just some TC.

To copy TC to another project or into same projects but another test set use Bulk push.

The second possibility is copying into storage (for more information about storage click here).