Test Plan (in Project module)

Once you write test analysis you can work with it in test plan module. The first step is creating test plan and test sprints. The second step is dividing TC into test plans.

Every module has essential connection with  projects. Here you can create test plan which include more test sprints. The project can be divided into more sections which are tested in different test plans and test sprint.

Create Test plan

After clicking on the button “Create new Test Plan” you’ll see the list of all TCs (test cases) which are implemented into projects. They are grouped on the basic of test sets and shows its approval status.

When you want to assign specific TCs into test plan, choose it by ticking the check box.

E.g.: We’ll be testing basic functionality in first plan. Secondly we will plan more detail TC and the final step will be performance tests.

Create new Test Sprint

After clicking on the button “create test sprint” you’ll see template with few required boxes. Here you’ll fill in more detail information about testing (the time range, name and parent test plan).

Test Sprint – Dashboard

After creation test sprint you will see its dashboard. Here is the statistics of assigned TCs (after new creation of the sprint you don’t have any TCs assigned to the sprint). The test sprint dashboard contains:

  • Test sprint status: Plan vs. Reality
  • Test sprint status
  • Comments

You can download the statistics from dashboard in PDF document by clicking on the button “Report”.

Edit test sprint

In this sub-module you can un/check TCs or change settings of the test sprint.

The number of chosen TCs isn’t limited but you can´t see all TCs which are assigned in the project. The list of TC is taken over from parent test plan.

Assign Test Case

The last submodule in the test sprint is Assign test case. Here you can see list of users who have at least one role in the project. You can choose any of them and assign TC to them (the user get notification about assigned TC (s)he need to test).

Test Plan – Dashboard

The dashboard shows the statistics and details about assigned test sprints:

  • Status (plan vs. reality, table with TC)
  • Time ranges of test sprints
  • Comments (to test sprints and plans)

Also here you can download the statistics from dashboard in PDF document by clicking on the button “Report”.

Test Sprint List

This sub-module contain the list of all assigned test sprints. Here you can see the few actions:

  • Show dashboard
  • Edit test sprint
  • Delete

Except that you can create new test sprint (this functionality is described above).

Edit test plan

The template is similar to template for creating the test plan. You’ll see the list of all TCs which are assigned to project.

You can change the name or un/check TCs. When you uncheck some of them you won’t see their statuses or statistics in test plan anymore. When you check them again, their last status will be shown as current status.

Remove test case

You can see the list of all assigned TC and action remove for deleting TC by your choice (FYI: you won’t be able to see all TCs which are implemented in the project just the ones added into test plan).

To join the campaign

The last sub-module is join to the campaign (for more information take a look on Campaign module in user’s guide).