Report module

The Report module shows the statistics about any projects or any applications you choose. You can select particular sections you need and download it in PDF. 

Ex.: We want to download statistics current status of the test cases in the specific test plan. The report shows current statistics which is same as in the dashboard of the same test plan. ). 

The main table

Main table shows the list of all created report´s templates. The templates includes widgets which can be filled for creating the report. Between the basic functionalities belong the filter, settings of table, create new template, create report, edit template and delete.

Create report template

First you need to create a report template. Click on the button create report template. The template is divided into 3 parts:

  • Filled the name
  • Choose the report area (you can choose more then one area!)
  • Choose the widgets

You can also change the position of each raw. Click on the widget and by drag and drop technique you can change its order.

Edit report template

Click on the yellow button edit report template to change:

  • the name
  • the widgets (add, remove or edit the order) 

Create report

Secondly click on the button „create report“ of chosen report template. In the new page you have to pick selection from the dropdown boxes. When you filled the section in the first column the other one will be unlocked automatically.

You can also save the filled boxes for the future. 

When you fill all mandatory fields you can click on the button „create report“ and download the PDF file. Once you open the file you’ll see the tables or graphs in sequence according to the widgets in the template. If you don´t see any specific widget in the statistic it mean it doesn’t have any record.