Storage module

Main page

The storage module is used to store test cases and test sets from test analysis. You can save test cases and test sets from a project or copy them to projects. The main page displays a list of folders that contain these tests or test sets. The functions are divided into three sections:

  • Folder function

  •  Functions in the folder

  • Functions at the top of the page (such as Export, Import, Add test cases in bulk, Add test cases or test sets, Create a folder)

Folder functions

There are 5 functions:

  • Copy to project (copy test cases and sets to selected project)

  • Move in bulk (copy checked test cases and sets in the selected project or storage folders)

  • Delete in bulk (delete selected test cases and sets)

  • Edit 
  • Delete 

Functions in the folder

When you expand the folder, there is a similar view as in the test analysis (for more information, click here). The basic functions are:

  • Lock
  • Add test case
  • Modify test case
  • Delete
  • Copy to Project 
  • Filter and display settings

Adding and editing a folder

Use the “Folder” button to create a new folder. Fill in the mandatory name field and fill in the Application if necessary.

Use the yellow “Edit” button to edit a folder.

Copying and deleting in bulk

Bulk copying is used to copy multiple test cases or sets to the Storage module or Project. First, select the Storage or Project and then select all the test cases (or sets) needed. Then confirm your action by clicking the “Copy in bulk” button at the end of the form.

Bulk deleting is similar to bulk copying. First, select the test case or set and confirm it by clicking on the “Delete in bulk” button.

More information… 

For more information on creating, editing and deleting click here. The functionality is similar as in the test analysis. If you add or edit test cases there is a difference in connection with requirement – this section is missing in the Storage.