Storage module

Main table

The Storage is used to store the records from test analysis. Here you can save the test cases from projects or copy test cases into the projects. You can see the list of folders in the main table. The folder are filled with test sets and test cases. The functions are divide in three parts:

  • Functions of the folders
  • Functions inside the folders
  • Functions in the header under the button MENU (such as Export, Import, Bulk Test Case, Add Test Case or Test Set, Add Folder)

Functions above the folders

Here you can see the 5 functions:

  • Copy to Project (to copy test sets & test cases into chosen project)
  • Bulk push (to copy ticked test sets & test cases in chosen project or chosen folder in the Storage)
  • Bulk deletion (to delete the ticked test sets & test cases)
  • Edit (to edit the folder)
  • Delete (to delete the folder)

Functions inside the folders

After you unroll the folder you’ll see the similar table such as table in test analysis (for more information about it click „here“). Basic functions are:

  • Lock
  • Add test case
  • Edit test case
  • Delete
  • Copy to Project 
  • Filter & Settings of table

Create & Edit Folder

First click on the button „Menu“ (in the upper right hand side corner) and press „Add Folder„. Fill the mandatory field name and select Application if needed.

To edit any folder use the yellow button „edit“ on the top of every folder.

Bulk push & deletion

The bulk push is used to copy more TC and TS to the Storage or Project. First choose project or storage and then tick all the TC (or test set) you need. Secondly confirm your action by clicking on the button „Bulk push“ in the end of the form.

The bulk deletion is very similar. Again you can choose the test set or test case by ticking them and confirm your action by clicking on the button „bulk deletion“. 

For more information… 

For more information about the creating, editing and deletion click on the link here. The functionalities is the similar like in test analysis submodule. When you create or edit the TC there is the only difference –  connection with requirement, this part is missing in the Storage.