System is divided into two parts. In the first one is Help and in the second part is System information. Help contains complete manual for working with the system. Here we describe all features in the system for you.

General information about the provider is found in the Information System. Here you can find information about the company, such as billing data, business address, websites, and more. In addition you can find information about the system.

Create/Edit Help
  • By clicking on Edit button new tab will appear where you can edit help.

  • There are some options for attaching an image, editing text etc.
  • After updating the data click on Save button. This will save the entire help.

  • By clicking on the Save button PDF file containing all help information will be download.

  • Click Information to display the JunoOne Information System and Provider Information.

  • Provider information includes all information such as name, address, contact to billing information, website, and more.