Users module

The main table

Go to the module Users where you can see the main table with list of all users (particular permission is required). The main table includes usual functions such as filtersettings of the table and functionalities for editing of the user (such as add, edit, archive and delete of the user).

How to create a new user

Creating of the new user is divide into two parts:

  • The first part include basic information about the user such as name, surname, e-mail, etc. All of these information have to be filled except for the phone number (mandatory fields are higlighted by red color).
  •  In the second part you need to assign him/her user´s roles. Choose his/her roles according to their work position.

Ex.: If the new user should be able to create other new users he/she have to get the role of user admin or the super user.  


Each user can see JunoOne a little bit differently. According to your roles you will be able to see different parts of the menu then your collegues.

The settings of portal roles are located in specific settings (for more information click „here„).

Editing of the user

Click on the „edit user“ button, you’ll see similar template to add userHere you can change the name, e-mail, password or the roles.

FYI: This module is accessible just for users with permission. The others users can change only their own private information except the roles and e-mail in the section my profile (for more information go to „My profile“).

Archive, delete and lock users

In one of the basic functions belong archive user. After the archiving the user,the account will no longer be accessible (he/she will not be able even to log in) .

To reactivate the account again press the button de-archive. The user will be able to work with the account like before. Or if there is no use for the account at all, it can be deleted.

Next function is lock account  button which can be used for access restrictions (user will not be able to sign in). It can be restored by „unlock account“ button.


The login as another user 

You can have the permission for login in as another user. This possibility is marked as a blue arrow in the main table (it is highlighted in the picture on the left). After that you are able to access JunoOne as the particular user.