The Users module is used to create individual users in the system. The table contains the list of all users and you have options for creating, editing, archiving, and deleting individual users.

When creating users, the email boxes, name, password, and password are required. If you do not enter these columns, the user can´t be created. There is also the option to add a surname and a phone number to the users. Portal rights are also set from here.

Creating a User
  • By clicking on Create button new tab will appear.

  • Enter all necessary data.

  • Choose portal roles you want to set for this particular user.
  • Clicking the Create button you for new user which will appear in the table.

Editation of the User
  • By clicking on Edit button new tab will appear.

  • On the tab you can see all user data, except the password.
  • Fill out all the information you want to change and click the Edit button.

  • The table with current users is displayed..

Deleting of the users 
  • By clicking on Delete button new tab will appear.
  • There are two options for you: Back and Delete.
  • By clicking on Delete button you will delete the user.

  • By clicking on Back button you will return back to user´s tab .